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A good team is all it takes

Videoton is one of the largest EMS-providers in Eastern Europe and has many employees on its payroll. Talking to all of them was - obviously - not possible. So Peter Csik answered our questions.
So being a senior project engineer has lots of advantages, but having a well functioning team around seems to be a decidedly more important factor for him. And if the employees are happy to come to work each morning, then the company should well be on its way to more growth, expansion and new exciting projects.

When did you start working at Videoton Automotive Electronics?

I have started to work at Videoton Automotive Electronics in 2005 as a project engineer. After 3 years of successfully leading the introduction of new products, I took on the position as leading project engineer. With it, I am now able to participate in key projects for new customers.

Did you always work here?

No, I had 2 other jobs previously.

What makes it great to work at Videoton Automotive Electronics?

There are many challenges and new things, which makes coming to work interesting. The fact that the company is constantly evolving is also interesting. It can inspire employees to do their best.

What has changed over the years? Is work more demanding?

Products became more and more complex. This drives us to introduce new technologies. Those in turn demand moe know-how and specialisation from each of us.

How is the cooperation with your colleagues?

The team is excellent. Because we have such a good relationship with one another, solving day-to-day problems is very easy. It is a real team we are seeing and it is a pleasure to be part of it.

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