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The coffers are full

Cupertino wizkid Apple could – if it should ever choose to do so – buy up most of its competitors in the mobile phone industry.
Horace Dediu from Asymco calculated that Apple could buy quite a number of its competitors or their respective phone-making subsidiaries – using its enormous cash reserve (Cash, Cash Equivalents, Short-term marketable securities and long-term Marketable Securities) of around USD 70 billion.

Asymco came up with the following calculations:

Nokia: USD 22.6 billion
RIM: USD 13.8 billion
HTC: USD 25.4 billion
Motorola Mobility: USD 4.2 billion
Samsung: USD 53 billion
Sony Ericsson: USD 3.0 billion

Plus of course the – not so profitable - mobile phone business from LG that Horace Dediu values at USD 10 billion.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

With this in place, the shuffling can begin.

Nokia + RIM + Motorola Mobility = USD 40.6 billion
HTC + Nokia + RIM = USD 61.8 billion
Samsung + Sony Ericsson + Motorola Mobility = USD 60.2 billion
All of them minus Samsung = USD 79 billion

Endless possibilities and yet – it's only idle thinking.
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