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Remember the Parrot?

After watching the Parrot-sketch from Monty Python far too many times, we can safely say this: This Parrot is anything but dead! Though, curious as we are, we still wanted to see what makes this bird fly by looking inside...
It is easy to assume that this is just another mindless toy. Nothing could be more wrong. A toy it might be, but it is so advanced that it has made drone-experts raise their voices in awe. By integrating highly advanced electronics with a user friendly interface and your iPhone, you are in control of a little piece of technical revolution.

Or, in the words of iFixit: ”We were quite interested in seeing exactly what components Parrot used to make their awesome flying device”.

As reported earlier, there is no controller for the Parrot. It is steered by your phone, or rather its in-built gyroscope. Reports say that it is not yet Android friendly, but iPad and iPhones will do the trick.

Inside of the Parrot is a 1000mAh 11.1V lithium polymer battery attached via a connector, making it delightfully easy to remove.

There is also a second connector for balanced charging, which ensures that each of the three battery cells is charging equally, thus optimizing capacity and prolonging battery life. Unfortunately, the loading takes some 90 minutes and the fly-time is 12 minutes... so bring more batteries!

Oh, and did we mention that this baby also has a camera which lets you film while you pilot around town?

The Parrot has two large cylinders that are ultrasound altimeters. Those are used to stabilize the Parrot within 6 meters of the ground. Quite advanced for a toy, wouldn't you say?

On the navigation board there is also:

- Microchip PIC24HJ16GP304 40MHZ 16-bit microprocessor
- MEMS gyroscope, the Invensense IDG 500

On the motherboard we have:

- Parrot 6 ARM9 468 MHz processor
- ROCm Atheros AR6102G-BM2D b/g Wi-Fi module
- Micron OGA17 D9HSJ
- Vertical camera
- Micron 29F1G08AAC

All pictures: © iFixit / Want more? Then look here!
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