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Foxconn has list of requirements for Brazil

EMS-giant Foxconn is said to have a list of requirements for the Brazilian government when it comes to a possible USD 12 billion investment there.
Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo reported on a list of requirements from the company. These - apparently - have to be met before Foxconn will agree to the billion USD investment.

The list includes such item as:

- Large property to house more than one division of Foxconn
- Export priority shipping at São Paulo (and other unnamed) airports.
- Financial support from the Brazilian National Development Bank, BNDES.

Special transport and logistic permits are also requested.

In response, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff has also issued a list of requirements:

- to hire a primarily Brazilian workforce
- transfer of technology
- basic respect for Brazilian labour rights and laws

There is no immediate and clarified schedule for the project. However, media reports suggest that the Brazilian government is looking at a 8-24 month time-frame to meet Foxconn's demands. The new facility - if being build - is said to be solely focussed on the production for Apple.

Foxconn already operates manufacturing facilities in São Paulo, producing hardware for Sony and Dell.
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