Electronics Production | May 04, 2011

A family business is growing fast

Rosenkranz Elekronik GmbH, a family business headquartered in Darmstadt (Germany) is looking for further growth.
Founded 1951 - by the father of the current owner Axel Rosenkranz, the company is doing pretty well. Now the 3. generation has started in the business.

With hindsight, so Axel Rosenkranz, can we say that 2010 business was 'pretty ok'. The company generated a turnover of EUR 20 million. The forecast however is something that he doesn't want to talk about. Axel Rosenkranz is modest. Exact figures are not available.

Despite all that, Darmstadt has growth written all over it. The company is market leader in Europe and worldwide, a Top3 position is secured. But, no rest for the wicked. "We do not want rest as a matter of fact", says Axel Rosenkranz.

From the humble beginnings nothing has really remained. Now the company is doing business in more that 56 countries. Two main warehouses - both located in Darmstadt (Germany) - are home to more than 25'000 machines and gadgets. At any given day. Test & Measurement - this is what made the company what it is today. Now, Rosenkranz Elektronik has expanded into additional segments: drying or climate cabinets, microscopes or Pick & Place machines. "Basically everything that has something to do with electronics assembly."

But how does it actually work?

We buy all devices and equipment that can be found in an electronics production facility. The seller gets a fixed price for it - cash or as trade-in. The refurbished equipment will be sold again. The price can be anything between 10-65% of the price of a new machine. That depends on age, kind and quality of the machine.

And that works?

Very well, as you can see. As an example, the following little episode. Beginning of 2006, Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH signed a contract to buy all of the assets of the Siemens Mobile Manufacturing Branch in Hungary. We are talking around 70 truckloads of T&M equipment and production lines including Pick and Place machines, Chambers etc. Not a single one of those machines was left in our warehouses by the end of 2006.

Furthermore, Rosenkranz Elektronik was one of the first companies which was able to deliver a wide range of used and refurbished T&M instruments offered by military installations or different government divisions in Germany and the USA.

We have been successful within this business for more than 60 years.

Trade-in-Partner for Agilent Technologies

In 2004, Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH signed a contract with Agilent Technologies, to become the Sourcing partner for their Certiprime models as well as the European Trade in Partner for “Buy Back deals” of used Test&Measurement equipment from the industry. Due to the fact that Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH was very successful, Agilent Technologies decided to involve the company as worldwide Trade-In partner.

In the same year Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH signed an Asset Management contract with EPCOS including repair, refurbishment and calibration of their T&M equipment they have in use.

The small family business has grown into a little empire. One is happy to be at this point, but the is not time for rest. There are always growth opportunities and room for more. Even for the 3. generation of Rosenkranz men.
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