PCB | September 09, 2005

Schweizer plant back on track

Today, 13 weeks after the fire at Schweizer's plant in in Schramberg the company now announced that it is right on schedule.
Both refurbished and brand-new production units are being assembled quickly. The future layout focuses heavily on optimizing production flows to improve time to market. All our planning is in high gear, with important steps having been decided and started. All the measures have only one goal: "a quick recovery".

Schweizer will make further investments in the near future:

-Another laser drilling unit will be installed in September.
-A new electroless tin line will start mass production in November.
-By December, the new line for electroless gold will be installed so that it can be released for production in the following quarter.
-In the first quarter of 2006, the new plating system we ordered will be installed.
-Hard gold production and pattern plating technology are scheduled to restart in the second quarter of 2006.

Schweizer's HDI capacity will have reached pre-June 2005 volumes by the end of this year.
Other important machines and lines will be ordered as scheduled in the weeks to come so as to boost the manufacturing capacity for next year.
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