Electronics Production | October 22, 2009

Ericsson sales decreased 4% Y-o-Y in 3Q/2009

Sales in the 3Q/2009 decreased 4% year-over-year for comparable units, i.e. excluding Ericsson Mobile Platforms, and decreased 12% adjusted for currency exchange rate effects and hedging. The 3Q/2008 was comparatively strong with no normal seasonality.
Sequential sales decreased 11%, negatively impacted by currency exchange rate effects, seasonality and a reduced scope of the renewed managed services agreement in Italy. The lower year-over-year sales in Networks and Multimedia were partly offset by stronger sales in Professional Services.

The gross margin, was flat sequentially despite the lower sales, and decreased only slightly year-over-year to 36.2% (37.0%). The year-over-year change is largely attributable to the sales mix, with a higher proportion of network rollout and professional services, efficiency gains and some currency exchange rate effects.

Operating expenses amounted to SEK 11.6 (12.9) b. in the quarter, excluding restructuring charges. The year-over-year reduction is primarily a result of ongoing cost reduction activities, offsetting negative impact from currency exchange rate effects.

Operating income excluding joint ventures and restructuring charges amounted
to SEK 5.5 (5.6) b. in the quarter, resulting in a slightly improved operating margin of 11.7% (11.5%). The margin was stable sequentially when adjusted for a capital gain of SEK 0.8 b. in the second quarter 2009.

Ericsson's share in earnings from joint ventures amounted to
SEK -1.5 (0.0) b. in the quarter, excluding restructuring charges. This is a significant reduction from the second quarter as a result of the ongoing efficiency improvements. Restructuring charges in joint ventures were insignificant in the quarter.

Financial net was SEK 0.0 (0.5) b. in the quarter, due to lower interest net. Net income amounted to SEK 0.8 (2.9) b. in the quarter.

Adjusted cash flow amounted to SEK 6.9 (2.7) b. in the quarter, down sequentially from SEK 9.9 b., excluding cash outlays for restructuring of SEK 1.2 b. Year-to-date cash conversion rate was 87% (102%). Trade receivables was positively impacted by currency exchange rate effects and lower sales. While days sales outstanding (DSO) improved slightly sequentially to 118 (121) days, the credit environment is however still tough for second and third tier operators in emerging markets.

Inventory was reduced by SEK 2.2 b. in the quarter to SEK 26.8 b. and turnover was stable at 77 (78) days.
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