Electronics Production | August 28, 2009

Components that might experience shortage

The fact that many companies see first signs of economic recovery will increase delivery times for components and there are a number of different types, which could be affected by shortages.
EMS-provider CCS writes in a statement that the company 'expects an alignment of the delivery times with the autumn level of 2008. But some components, however, will greatly exceed that level and will be available only under even worse conditions due to increased demand and not yet restarted large production capacities.'

CCS believes that the most affected are:
• CMOS Logic
• FLASH-Memories
• Interface Ics
• Mosfet´s < 500 V
• Mosfet´s >= 500 V
• Suppressor Diodes
• Al Electrolytic Capacitors, SMD
• Ceramic Capacitors, SMD
• Film Capacitors EMI suppressed
• Resistors, NLR
• Tantalum Capacitors, wired
• Film Capacitors, wired
• Relays (elektromech.)
• Switches (Toggle / Slide)
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