Electronics Production | August 27, 2009

Electronic component industry after the crisis

The financial crisis has affected the Worldwide Electronic Components Industry. 2008 finished with a moderate decrease of 1.5%, but for 2009, a decline of around minus 16% has been forecasted.
What impact does the decline have for the whole electronics industry? How will the electronic component industry react and will the current supply channel system survive? How can companies overcome the crisis and be prepared for when the market picks up.

Europartners Consultants have brought together several speakers covering a broad range of topics on a forthcoming conference for all in the European Electronic component industry. The Europartners Conference “After the Crisis”, is being held in Paris in conjunction with Forum de L’Électronique on the 6-7th October 2009. evertiq is sponsoring the conference.

Speakers will include senior figures from manufacturers and distributors covering all areas of the industry and will include experts from outside the mainstream component industry giving a different perspective on the future including Eric Lalardie Director of Business Development E.M.E.A.I. from ARM.

Amongst the highlights are Pierre Laboisse NXP VP WW Distribution talking on "Customer Focus and Passion to Win" Pierre will stress the importance in both building and maintaining strong relationships between supplier and Distributors, together with his view of the "after the crisis" scenario, on customer focus, market trend and dynamics, Semiconductor Ecosystem etc.

Andy King President of Farnell Europe has titled his speech “Electronics the Next 1000 days” adding “imagine the future; even more than ever before the electronics industry will shape and influence the world in which we live. As the pervasion of electronics deepens, the industry will be need to become even closer to its customers, act faster and take bold steps as technology evolves and changes over the next 1000 days”.

From TTI’s European President Gene Conahan there is the intriguing title of “What got you here, won't get you there”. Gene will explore the fact that the current economic crisis has created higher expectations from Customers as well as Suppliers. How well a Distributor adapts to meet and exceed these expectations will dictate their level of success. New business models will emerge that bring incremental value, Gene will discuss what will they look like, and which will succeed and prosper after the crisis. He believes opportunities will expand after the crisis; however, distributors will have to bring more value in order to exploit them. No matter how successful distributors have been in the past, if they don't adapt to meet these rising expectations they will be left behind after the crisis.

Looking at the industry more broadly, industry expert Walt Custer President Custer Consulting Group based in the US will talk on the Business Outlook for the Global Electronics Industry Walter see the electronic industry is finally in “early recovery” following a severe global recession. This presentation covers the size, scope, cyclicality and likely recovery path of the key levels of the electronic “food chain.” Topics will include: electronic equipment by type, active and passive components, EMS & ODM markets and materials and process equipment. Both world and regional data including forecasts are provided by product group. Finally perhaps the most unusual subject will be plastic electronics currently outside of mainstream electronic components

Craig Cruickshank CEO cintelliq Ltd will provide an insight into the rapidly growing market of organic (plastic) electronics, be prepared to be amazed at the developments in this area in recent years and how organic (plastic) electronics will increasingly impact all our lives in the future.

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