Electronics Production | August 04, 2009

Counterfeit products in EU: increase of 126% from 2007 to 2008

The number of goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights, detained in 2008 increased by 126% to 178 million articles, from 79 million in 2007. The number of cases in which customs administrations intervened in 2008, increased for the sixth consecutive time by 13% to 49.381 from 43.671.
The 2008 statistics show that:
- Customs detentions have never been so high, with an increase of almost 13% – over 49 000 cases registered, compared to 43,000 in 2007
- Nearly 13,000 applications (10,000 in 2007) filled in by the industry to request customs actions in cases where there is a suspicion that products are infringing an IPR. This represents 80% of the customs interventions in 2008.
- There was a sharp increase in 2008 in the actual number of IPR infringing goods detained by customs – 178 million compared to 79 million in 2007.

In terms of cases, the most significant increases can be seen in the following product categories:
- toys: +136%
- electrical equipment: +58%
- medicines: +57%
- personal care products: +42%

China was the main source country for IPR infringing articles with 54% of the total amount. CD/DVD was the top category of articles detained with a total amount of 79 million, which accounted for 44% of the entire amount, followed by cigarettes (23%) and clothing and accessories (10%).

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