Electronics Production | May 18, 2009

How to see the difference between a fake and a real UL mark

Many electronics products made by unknown manufacturers have often not gone through quality evaluations or safety testing. A lot of these products are wearing fake UL symbols, according to Reliableplant which refers to CableOrganizer.
CableOrganizer has released guidelines of how you can see the different between a fake and real UL mark. Four major elements are key to see if the UL mark is real.

- UL letters need to bee diagonally (appearing from left to right) in a circle together with a small ® symbol under the letter “U”

- Word “listed” needs to be in capital, below or beside the circle

- A control number needs to be displayed, either a 4-character alphanumeric control number, or a 4 to 6-digit issue number.

- Needs to have a product identity phrase (name of what the product is)

There are also some other a genuine UL Marks that are good to keep in mind such as:

- A UL file number (the UL file number has usually the letter “E” as a prefix)

- The logo or company name of the producer of the product

- Applicable electrical ratings

- Also the information about the products Catalog, Model, or Type designation

Below is some indication how to see that the UL mark is fake are the following:

- If the product is missing the *UL Marks and the main four elements above. But keep an eye of the following elements below as well if you are not sure about the product:*

- Products which refers to UL but is free from a company name, trademark, trade name, or other UL-authorized designations

- Products that the letters “UL” is printed side by side instead of diagonally and inside a circle

- If the words such as /approved/ or /pending /in place of /classified/ or /listed/.

- “UL marked” product which contains a lot of spelling and grammatical errors

- The lack of appropriate product documentation, including how to use the product, safety, and proper care and maintenance

- Products which packaging does not include customer service number, company address, or other corporate information
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