Electronics Production | October 01, 2004

STMicro announces organizational changes

STMicrolectronics announced product-group, front-end manufacturing and technology-related R&D organizational changes which reflect the Company’s continued emphasis on developing application-specific products and platforms for an increasingly convergent marketplace.
The new organization also addresses the retirement and departure of certain of ST’s senior executives concurrent with that of its President and CEO, Pasquale Pistorio.

As previously announced, Mr. Pistorio will leave his current position at ST after the Company’s Annual General Meeting in 2005 and, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, Carlo Bozotti has been designated to become President and CEO. In turn Carlo Bozotti, with the endorsement of the Supervisory Board, has designated Alain Dutheil to take on the newly created position of COO.

Retiring from the Company will be: Aldo Romano, Corporate Vice President, Telecommunications, Peripherals, & Automotive Groups (TPA) and Salvatore Castorina, Corporate Vice President, Discretes & Standard Circuits Group (DSG), while Joel Monnier, Corporate Vice President, R&D will pursue some personal objectives early next year.

Mr. Pistorio said, “These three executives have made vital contributions to the exceptional transformation of ST from a struggling European semiconductor company into a dynamic world leader. They have each developed their respective groups into formidable organizations, competing in the market place and serving our targeted market segments.”

Effective January 1, 2005, ST will realign its product groups to increase market focus and realize the full potential of its products, technologies, and sales and marketing channels.

The Company will combine the Telecom Group of TPA with the Consumer Group of the present CMG (Consumer and Microcontroller Groups) to create a new product Sector, to be headed by Philippe Geyres, Corporate Vice President. The new powerful entity formed by the combination of these converging product Groups will account for over one third of ST’s annualized sales, and will take the name of Telecom and Consumer Sector (TCS).

All major complex products related to automotive applications, from the present automotive group of TPA and from other product groups of the company, will be consolidated in the new Automotive Products Group (APG), which will be directed by Ugo Carena, who will be promoted to Corporate Vice President.

Peripheral products, specifically disk drives and printers, will constitute the Computer Peripherals Group (CPG), to be run by Gianluca Bertino, who will be promoted to Corporate Vice President.

The Memory Products Group (MPG) will focus on memories and smart cards under the leadership of Mario Licciardello, who will be promoted to Corporate Vice President, and Claude Dardanne, Deputy General Manager.

The Microcontrollers, Linear, & Discrete Group (MLD), will be comprised of most of the present Discrete and Standard Circuits Group’s (DSG) products plus standard microcontrollers and industrial devices, and will serve a broader customer base with special emphasis on industrial applications. It will be headed by Carmelo Papa, Corporate Vice President.

In line with ST’s position as a major player in the development of innovative products, manufactured in leading-edge technologies and delivered to market at the right time, a new Front–End Technology and Manufacturing organization (FTM), encompassing the present front-end manufacturing and central R&D functions, will be created . This new entity reflects the growing interconnection of these two key functions for advanced microelectronics, and will be under the direction of Laurent Bosson, Corporate Vice President.

Mr. Pistorio noted, “Carlo Bozotti, Alain Dutheil, and I have worked closely together on this realignment. These organizational changes are part of ST’s long-term strategic vision for the evolution of the industry and the Company’s leadership role therein. They strike an important balance between continuity and the flexibility required to effectively compete in the dynamic marketplace we serve.”
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