Electronics Production | October 28, 2008

Poland delivers opportunities for further market developments for PartnerTech

Evertiq has made an interview with Jacek Maciejewski, Managing Director for PartnerTech in Poland (unit Sieradz). We discussed the company’s development in the country. According to PartnerTech, the Polish subsidiary delivers opportunities for further market development – focusing on Germany and the Netherlands.
Question: What does PartnerTech Poland have as production specialisation?
Answer: “The production specialization in Poland is electronics and mechatronics manufacturing – starting from full service for PCBA manufacturing through modules and box building and continuing to “mechatronic”-assembly on the highest integration level.” Further we provide a number of additional services such as distribution and post delivery services.

Question: Does the company plan to expand within the Polish market and offer its service to Poland-located OEMs or will PartnerTech focus on orders from the European market?
Answer: “We do not limit our market geographically. We offer our services to companies interested in Eastern European manufacturing – both, the OEM companies located in the region and to companies interested in import from central Europe.”

Question: Which European country is the most important one for the Polish facilities?
Answer: “PartnerTech, as one of Europe’s largest contract manufacturer, has a strong presence in the Nordic region and in the UK. The Polish locations give us the opportunity to develop our market presence further – with focus on Germany and the Netherlands.” The benefit is our location with proximity to customers in the main European market, where the products are normally distributed.

Question: Are there any specific products that are produced in these facilities?
Answer: “We offer the full range of services available within the PartnerTech group throughout the Polish facilities. Many of the products produced here have high medica, security and quality standards. PartnerTech in Poland have ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and the ISO 13485 for medical equipment. Typical products include both advanced electronics as well as movable mechanics such as security cameras, recycling machines and payment terminals. We do not want to talk about specific customers or their products, since we feel strongly about protecting our customer’s integrity. This is policy we have throughout the group.”

Question: What is the development plan for Poland: will they be slowly developed into skill centres or will they remain low-cost production centres?
Answer: “PartnerTech Poland is already a skills centre. As I said before, we have very high quality standards and a modern and very suitable machine park. In addition we are – because of our location – also a cost efficient alternative and competitive for medium to large volumes and high mix products. Recently, the unit has also required the skills to provide product development, supply chain management and post manufacturing logistics services. The stable employment structure supports the manufacturing of products with high demand and with frequent technical changes.“

Question: How many employees does the Polish subsidiary have?
Answer: “PartnerTech in Poland employs 385 people.“

Question: What are the general plans for these facilities; any increase in space, machinery or staff?
Answer: “As I said before, we look to develop or market presence further, especially in Germany and the Netherlands and to do that we are currently looking for a person that can strengthen our sales team. The aim for PartnerTech Poland is to continue to be the highly skilled production hub for the PartnerTech Group and investments are continuously made when needed.“
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