SMT & Inspection | June 11, 2008

Asymtek sees opportunities in Medical, LED & Alternative energy

evertiq spoke to Mr. Michel van de Vijver, Managing Director in Europe for Asymtek, about Asymtek’s market presence in Europe, developments before and after the RoHS directive came into force, and how Mr. van de Vijver would like to develop Asymtek in Europe.
How have sales developed for your equipment before and after the RoHS directive came into force?
Unlike other companies, Asymtek has not felt an impact in machine sales since the RoHS directive came into force.

In what markets do you feel you have the strongest presence in Europe?
The automotive and consumer electronics segments are growing at a very healthy rate. The electronic segment of the automotive market is still increasing in Western Europe, and, as a result, the conformal coating market is benefiting from this.

In what markets would you like to be stronger in Europe?
Asymtek would like to grow even more in its current markets. Our company also sees opportunities in markets like alternative energy, OLED/LED, and medical, which are all rising in Europe.

Are there any machine models you see as most likely to have the best sales potential?
We see a big potential in its new machines that were released at Productronica this past November-- the SelectCoat® SL-940E conformal coating system and the Spectrum™ S-910 and 920 series scalable dispensing platforms for high-volume microelectronics packaging and PCB assembly. Both systems have integrated process controls to deliver high quality and increased accuracy and yield at a low cost of ownership.

What issues are important to your customers?
This really depends on the type of customer. A big customer is more focused on space, speed, process controls, and traceability, while smaller and medium-sized companies are more focused on flexibility and process controls.

Do you foresee growth in the market?
Taking the whole EU into account, I see a bright future for the European market, as new technologies are developing and new investments are being made at a steady pace.

How would you like to develop Asymtek in Europe as the new General Manager?
It’s equally important to keep our market position and stay focused on the segments we are working with currently, as well as enter the above mentioned new markets.
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