PCB | June 04, 2008

Growth in PCB market continues in 2008

The printed circuit board market grew 2007 compared to the previous year worldwide by 8.7% to US$ 51.5 billion. For 2008, a global growth of over 8% is also predicted, states ZVEI.
The global demand for printed circuit boards is still undiminished. The biggest regional revenue share in 2007, with about 73% reported Japan and Southeast Asia (including China). Japan accounted for US$ 9.5 billion (plus 3.8%) and Southeast Asia for US$ 28.1 billion. The largest increase was again reported in Southeast Asia with US$ 2.7 billion or 10.6% plus. The American market grew by 3.3% to US$ 6.3 billion.

2007 was the first time that the European market was larger than the American. The market volume in Europe rose by US$ 800 million to US$ 6.4 billion (plus 14.3%). The world market share is 12.4%.

As in previous years, 2007 saw a very high price level for raw materials. Copper and crude oil were particularly affected by this increase. Price speculations concern foremost the given high demand from countries such as China and India. Following the rise in crude oil, costs of secondary products such as paints, epoxy resins, films and resists also increased.

Production declines in Europe, but new jobs
The production volume in Europe in 2007 amounted to €2.5 billion (compared to 2006 with €2.7 billion). In 2007, 320 manufacturers were registered in Europe, the year before 342. At the end of 2007, the industry in Europe employed nearly 24,000 staff (unchanged to 2006). This shows that a large demand for skilled workers exists and businesses are creating jobs.

The decline in production in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland was slowed down. In 2007, the production volume reached €1,466 million (compared to €1,501 million in 2006). The number of employees in 2007 rose by almost 400 to around 13,000.

Electronics industry remains key customer
The main customer segments in Europe in 2007 were the electronics industry and the automotive electronics with 31% and 22.5% respectively, followed by telecommunications with 17%. The consumer electronics and information technology reported 5.2% and 4.5%. Within military technology and medical technology turnover reached 5% and 4.4% respectively. Other segments accounted for approximately 10%.

The segments of industrial electronics and medical technology reported growth rates of 12%, while military technology increased by almost 9%. Here, specifically the small batches manufacturing in highly specialised constructions, accounted for the growth, as contracts usually don’t go abroad. 2007 also saw manufacturing transfers back to Europe, because of massive quality problems with some Asian suppliers.

Image Source: Aspocomp
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