PCB | May 22, 2008

Cirep to receive NADCAP accreditation

CIREP is the first company in France, and only the second in Europe, to obtain the NADCAP accreditation for PCB manufacturing.
This qualification was acquire a year ago and renewed with flying colours in January of this year. CIREP also renewed its EN 9100 and ISO 9001 qualification this year.

To maintains CIREP leadership new machines have been installed. For example CIREP installed, in august 2007, a new DES (Develop Etch Strip) line that can manufacture ultra thin layers of 25µm thickness dielectric base material.

This high level of technology allows CIREP to be implicated in a number of international projects like : PIDEA+ EMCPack, Stablcor innovations or even the Aerospace Valley competitive pole with the project entitled PCB². This project has just been granted a financial backing from the French government.
It is to develop integrative technology in PCB circuit boards under the form of passive and powered components. This project will regroup the following companies : Airbus, EADS Astrium, EADS IW, Fedd, IMS, LAAS- CNRS, Nexio, Serma Technologie, Continental, Studelec, Thales Alenia Space and Thales Systeme Aeroportes.

The objectives of this project are the following :
- To meet the increasing demands of integrative technology.
- To increase the working frequency and improve the thermal dissipation on electronic boards.
- To improve the electromagnetic compatibility by using buried components (Resistive and Capacitive)

In the long term this project is has the intention to create a work group destined to develop and manufacture equipment designed for embarked systems with a strong level of integrative components. This project will hopefully allow the partners of Aerospace Valley to preserve their competitive advantage over the other industries in the same field.

In addition, CIREP has renewed its Stablcor® licence, which is a carbon based material that increases thermal dissipation reliving thermal stress and lowers the CTE of electronic circuit boards.
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