SMT & Inspection | April 02, 2008

Mydata launches new machines

Mydata introduces the next generation of pick and place machines and the second generation of the MY500 at this year’s APEX show in Las Vegas.
The MY100Series (on the picture) is a completely new placement machine platform which is pushing the limits of SMT technology. The new machine series broadens the Mydata product range to suit even higher production requirements.

"Our role at Mydata is simple, states Mydata CEO Bengt Broman. To anticipate the needs of our customers and to provide solutions that help them achieve their goals of growth and profitability. I am excited by the fact that the MY100DX not only meets this requirement, but exceeds all expectations. The MY100Series delivers 70% more throughput and a host of other enhancements - whilst still maintaining Mydata’s traditional values of flexibility and efficiency".

"The MY100 is the most complete, all-in-one SMT machine in the industry, says Robert Göthner, Vice President Marketing and Sales at Mydata The machine is designed for a 24/7 production environment; with higher speeds, a higher feeder capacity, higher accuracy and improved reliability – all in a machine that’s as flexible as anyone would expect from Mydata".

The new series consists of MY100DX-10 and MY100DX-14, with 96 and 160 feeder positions respectively, and can be configured with various synergy options for in-line production. The new machines are compatible with the existing range of machines, feeders and software, giving customers the opportunity to utilize previous investments and match their needs exactly.

The MY100Series will be released worldwide on April 10, 2008.

“The MY500 gives Mydata customers a clear competitive advantage and the ability to serve their customers with a very fast response time,” says Robert Göthner, Vice President Marketing and Sales at MYDATA. “The MY500 will also free up resources, leaving operators with more time for other responsibilities.”

The digital stencil in combination with the offline programming of the MY500 allows set-ups and changeovers to be accomplished in seconds, so every production run can be started and completed as efficiently as possible.

Göran Persson, Product Manager at Mydata: "With the MY500 you can make adjustments on-the-spot, in three dimensions. The system features an easy-to-use two-dimensional inspection and repair functionality, so you can be sure to get exactly the result you expect."
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