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What is Flextronics in Europe today?

What is Flextronics in Europe today? Is Flextronics today what it was 5 years ago? Gary Watson, Senior Director, Strategy & Marketing, of Flextronics SBS gives his view.
Three years ago, Flextronics observed a market shift in the development of the out-sourcing strategies and activities of the electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) based in Europe. This was also at a time when many Flextronics’ competitors were re-aligning their strategic footprints in Western Europe, and in many cases making the decision to completely exit several of the regional markets including the UK, France, Germany and the Nordics regions. Capitalising on its 10 years of manufacturing experience in the region, and to help balance the market changes, Flextronics created Special Business Solutions (SBS). SBS is a strategic business unit of Flextronics, a leading Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to automotive, computing, consumer digital, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEMs.

SBS’s network of global facilities services all Flextronics’ industry segments, from automotive to medical and infrastructure. From small hand-held devices to massive electro-mechanical products, SBS provides every market niche with a total supply chain solution. As a highly strategic, fully integrated, dedicated business unit of Flextronics, SBS offers tailored services to customers with complex, highly diversified businesses around the world. SBS enables strategic partners to grow by leveraging and merging world wide design, manufacturing, logistics capabilities and resources that enable SBS partners to remain competitive. The SBS goal is simple: to provide local, regional and global customers with specialized services and capabilities close to their own facilities and end markets. Today, the Flextronics SBS business unit has expanded from its European roots to today’s 21 global sites on three continents. To ensure that SBS meets the highest quality, highest standard production requirements, several of its facilities are accredited with aerospace AS9100, medical ISO13485 and automotive TS16949 certifications.

“Our typical batch sizes range from one or two pieces right through to several thousand,” says François Barbier, president of SBS.

“Furthermore, unlike many of the local tier II EMS players in the regions, we are not focused on specific niche markets or segments. Rather, we serve customers across all major markets and we work with the most diversified customer base in the industry”, he added.

SBS customers include both local and global companies, In fact, a guiding principle of SBS is to “act local, but play global”. One of the key strategic benefits of SBS is that it also provides customers with a “Gateway” to the global “design, build, ship and service” offering that is available through Flextronics across the globe.

“Our purpose is to create value that increases customer competitiveness and we provide our many, diversified and satisfied customers with services and capabilities unmatched by the local tier II EMS community”, François Barbier added.

SBS remains committed and positioned to provide customers with increased value through its range of competitive services that allow local and global customers alike to succeed in today’s increasingly complex business environment.

Gary Watson, Senior Director, Strategy & Marketing
Flextronics SBS
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