Electronics Production | March 06, 2008

BB Electronics invests in new equipment

Denmark based EMS provider BB Electronics in Horsens increases the capacity and spends more than 30 million DKK.
The background is among others to secure a more uniform production from factory to factory in order to increase the stability in the deliveries and the quality in the products.

The DesignLink Technology Centre in Horsens has been equipped with a flexible production line and a so-called “vapor phase” oven, which makes a fast and flexible production of prototypes possible.

In Horsens all four production lines have been upgraded to the newest technologies, the factory in Suzhou in China investment has been made in a completely new SMD production line and also in Give a new production line has been set up.

New initiatives in Horsens
Upgrade of all four SMD lines to the newest technologies in order to meet the market’s demand for increasing product complexity with component types as 0201, micro BGA and CSP and increasing quality requests. Furthermore, process optimisation has been made possible through shorter instruction loops by using SPC data (Statistical Process Control) and a bigger process window with considerable better repeatability.

The new screen printer can perform parallel functions. This makes the machine the fastest in the market with a documented ”board to board” time of under 10 seconds and a documented accuracy of plus/minus 12.5 microns at 6 sigma.Furthermore, a new solder paste inspection machine and AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) has been installed.

New initiatives in the DesignLink Technology Centre
Installation of ultra-flexible SMD line and vapor phase oven targeted a fast and flexible production of prototypes.

New initiatives in Suzhou, China

A completely new SMD line consisting of PCB magazine loader, conveyer belt and PCB magazine unloader, screenprinter/solder paste printer, solder paste inspection, Pick & Place, convection reflow oven and post reflow AOI machine.

The Pick & Place assembly machines have a documented placement rate of approximately 65.000 components per hour. The machine comes with 01005 component capability, replacement of a placement head can be carried out in less than two minutes without a following need for calibration. A OF (Odd form) placement head for the machine has been developed, which can handle components up to 180mm. Furthermore, a glue dispenser head has been developed in order to avoid using an extra external glue dispenser process. The component feeders can be detached and put on the machine while running. This will reduce production stops to a minimum.

The ERSA convection reflow oven has the lowest nitrogen and power consumption. This is very important as it both minimises the environmental strain and reduces the working expenses. It furthermore has the lowest Delta-T specifications, which means very high temperature stability even in connection with the combination of products with high mass simultaneously with a high conveyor speed in the oven.

There has furthermore been invested in a stand alone X-RAY machine making it possible to carry out ”X-RAY sample testing”, i.e. spot checking of among others micro BGA, CSP, QFN, LGA and similar component types. The X-RAY machine is with a 160KiloVolt NanoTech™ X-ray tube with integrated high-voltage generator giving a fast response on the tube with no waiting time for accumulating the feeding voltage. 5-axis manipulator (X, Y, Z (focus), R (rotation),T (tilt)). Sequence programming of X-ray intensity, axis manipulator and ”image processing” is possible.

New initiatives in Give
One production line, which in general is identical with the Suzhou line.
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