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EU, China, and France seek info on Nvidia's graphics cards

In late September, France's competition authority raided the office of a company suspected of having implemented anticompetitive practices in the graphics cards sector. The raid was later linked to Nvidia who is now providing an update on the matter.

Nvidia is one of the top dogs on the market when it comes to chips used both for artificial intelligence and graphics cards – and demand for its technology has skyrocketed along with the AI boom.

In addition to being a mainstay for avid gamers and video editors, Nvidia graphics cards are also widely utilised in cryptocurrency mining and other complex computing operations. Something that has garnered global regulatory attention.

“Our position in markets relating to AI has led to increased interest in our business from regulators worldwide, including the European Union, the United States, and China. For example, the French Competition Authority collected information from us regarding our business and competition in the graphics card and cloud service provider market as part of an ongoing inquiry into competition in those markets,” Nvidia writes in a regulatory filing from Nov. 21.

Nvidia continues to state that the company has also received requests for information from regulators in the EU and China regarding sales of GPUs and its efforts to allocate supply. The company says also expects to receive additional requests for information in the future. 

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