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Heilind's SVP Alan Clapp looks back at 2022

2022 has been a year of challenges for most companies, for connector specialist Heilind these challenges proved to be a "blessing in disguise" as they opened up a lot of customer opportunities due to the supply chain issues.

The SVP says that due to the issues a lot of new customers had to go outside of their regular suppliers and because of that they found Heilind – which was very welcomed as the company is a fairly new player in Europe.

"We focused a lot on areas outside of where we were,  so we expanded into Poland and into Central Eastern Europe – because that's where a lot of our competitors weren't. It opened up a market where we were one only distributors with feet on the street, we just opened a warehouse this passed year. So it's a great opportunity for us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors," Alan Clapp tells Evertiq as he looks back at the past years.

Looking ahead the company is expecting low single-digit growth for 2023. For the business in Europe however, the growth will be a lot more substantial. Being a new and smaller player, which moves quickly, the company is expecting 25-30% growth for the next few years.

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