Products | April 17, 2020

Hiigh-performance ”plug and play” switch system for high-volume RF test processes

Ranatec, a part of the Qamcom Group AB group and supplier of specialized test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, today announced it has developed a brand new “plug-and-play” product.

This is a product release announcement by Ranatec AB. The issuer is solely responsible for its content.
The RF2018B solid-state switch box with a highly robust DC - 6 GHz RF frequency range is an easy to install and easy to use system designed for high volume test and measurement. Requested by Ranatec customers, the newly developed product will be sold by Ranatec and Ranatec partners, worldwide. The new Ranatec RF2018B is a high-performance RF solid state switch system with 12 switch modules, each with 1 pole and 4 throws. It is well-suited for high volume testing, where long lifetime is required and without sacrificing RF performance. The RF2018B switch box offers blue-ribbon linearity, power handling and speed. Ranatec’s RF2018B is designed for applications such as production testing of mobile handsets, production testing of mobile base stations, Built-In-Test (BITE) applications and MIMO applications. Switches are controlled remotely via a web-interface or textual (SCPI-like) API. The box can be controlled from any computer in the network via TCP/IP sockets or via its internal web server, using a very simple communication protocol independent from the operating system, programming language, etc. ”There is a clear trend of moving towards IoT, meaning that more and more products are connected,” confirms Magnus Killian, CEO, Ranatec. ”This leads to an increased demand of wireless testing, including RF-switching. The new RF2018B solid state switch box automates the testing process during development and manufacturing of semiconductors and wireless devices, streamlining manufacturers product cycle.” ”Key customers requested this innovation to further streamline their testing processes. Based on our flexible technology platform, we were able to respond and quickly adapt to their needs.” FEATURES
  • Switch mode: SP4T latching, terminated
  • DC - 6 GHz RF frequency range
  • Insertion loss < 1.9 dB up to 3 GHz
  • 63 dBm IP3
  • +30 dBm maximum input power
  • Flexible supply voltage: 5-45 VDC
  • <100 μs switching time
  • High repeatability
  • Ultra-long lifetime
Experts at Ranatec work closely with leading global wireless device vendors and accredited test houses to develop benchmark tools that help our customers meet the evolving demands of testing environments and deliver benchmark services and products.
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