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76% of IC products expected to see flat growth in 2019

After flying high for two years, DRAM sales growth is forecast to rank last in 2019, worst among all IC categories; NAND flash sales decline close behind.

n an ugly turnaround from last year, growth rates in 2019 are expected to be heavily weighted toward the negative side of the chart, with nine segments forecast to see a sales decline of 10% or more and 16 product categories expected to experience flat sales or a single-digit decline in revenue growth. Eight of 33 IC product categories are forecast to see an increase in sales in 2019, led by Industrial/Other—Special Purpose Logic, which is forecast to jump 38% this year, followed by Display Drivers and PLDs. In 2018, 22 IC product categories experienced sales growth—16 of those with at least 10% growth, writes market researcher IC Insights in an update.. After two years of leading the industry in sales growth, the DRAM market is forecast to face the biggest decline this year, ranking it at the bottom of the 2019 sales growth list. NAND flash and SRAM are expected to join DRAM as the only categories with weaker growth than the total IC market (-15%). 2019 Forecast of IC market growth by segment (USD)
Product Category20182019
Industrial/ other - Spcl Purpose Logic-27%38%
Display Drivers-2%19%
Auto - Spcl Purpose Logic23%9%
Standard Cell10%9%
Auto - App Specific Analog11%4%
Signal Conversation-6%4%
Wired Comm - Spcl Purpose Logic5%3%
Wired Comm - App Specific Analog0%-1%
Std PC, Server, etc. MPU*11%-2%
32-bit MCU9%-3%
Power Management Analog13%-3%
Tablet MPUs-6%-3%
Amplifiers/ Comparators11%-5%
Consumer - Special Purpose Logic14%-6%
Industrial / other - App Specific Analog18%-6%
Wireless Comm - Spcl Purpose Logic4%-6%
Cellphone App MPUs-5%-6%
16-bit MCU-2%-6%
Computer and Peripherals - Spcl Purpose Logic18%-7%
Wireless Comm - App Specific Analog13%-7%
NOR Flash11%-9%
General Purpose Logic-13%-10%
Computer - App Specific Analog14%-11%
Consumer - App Specific Analog4%-14%
Gate Array-14%-14%
4-/8-bit MCU-1%-15%
Total IC Market14%-15%
NAND Flash12%-32%
*includes embedded processors, but does not include graphics processors.
More information can be found at IC Insights.
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