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Infineon responds to media reports concerning shipments to Huawei

Several media reports globally state that German chipmaker Infineon has suspended shipments to Huawei Technologies. In an emailed response to Evertiq, Infineon has now clarified its decisions.

Updated; May 20, 2019 3:21 PM
Citing two people familiar with the matter, Nikkei reported that Infineon’s decision to stop deliveries came after the Trump administration on Thursday (May 16, 2019) officially added Huawei to a trade blacklist: This has immediately enabled restrictions that will make it extremely difficult for the telecom firm to do business with U.S. companies. The media reports also suggest that Infineon would hold meetings this week to discuss the situation and make assessments. It were not yet clear if Infineon would resume its business relationship with Huawei after potential legal issues are resolved.
Gregor Rodehueser © Infineon
In an emailed statement to Evertiq, Gregor Rodehueser, spokesperson markets & business development at Infineon, says that due to the addition of Huawei to the so-called Entity List by the U.S.' Secretary of Commerce "certain compliance measures are required to enter into force, according to which the delivery of goods originating in the U.S. have to be terminated by Infineon." However, Mr. Rodehueser adds that; "As of today, the great majority of products Infineon delivers to Huawei is not subject to U.S. export control law restrictions, therefore those shipments will continue." He stresses that in any market where Infineon operates, the company is compliant with all applicable legal requirements, laws and regulations. He continues to say that Infineon have a set of measures in place to thoroughly monitor any possible changes in the legal frameworks of its respective markets, enabling the company to make adaptions in its international supply chain. "This enables us to make efficient and proactive adjustments supporting our ability to deliver wherever possible."
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