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Fire at Prodrive Technologies in the Netherlands

In the early morning hours of Saturday a massive fire broke out at Dutch electronics and mechatronic company Prodrive Technologies’ headquarters in Son near Eindhoven.
Local media reports that the fire spread to several floors of the building and that parts of the building has collapsed.

The cause of the fire is still unclear but a police spokeswoman told Local Omroep Brabant that an explosion had been heard, but that they are still investigating whether that caused the fire.

The part of the building which was ravished by the fire was also where part of the production was carried out. The damage is described by Omroep Brabant as severe and that the costs will run up to millions of euros. Firefighters managed to contain the fire from spreading to other buildings in the area.

Prodrive ha released a statement on their LinkedIn page saying;
“Some hours ago, our headquarters at Science Park Eindhoven 5501 has been struck by a large fire. At this moment we are not yet able to investigate the overall damage and losses.

A team has been composed to execute the crisis plan. Further notice will follow once we have obtained a better view of the situation and the consequences for our customers.”

Evertiq will provide updates as new information becomes available.
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