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TDK breaks ground for new UK EMC test facility

TDK Corporation is constructing a new – GBP 1 million – EMC test facility located adjacent to its power supply manufacturing plant in Ilfracombe, North Devon.
Scheduled to open in spring 2019, the building will house an anechoic chamber for onsite EMC compliance testing of its products.

“It is a major upgrade to our EMC test facilities,” explains Geoff Wilby, Joint Managing Director of TDK-Lambda UK, in a press relase. “We anticipate increasingly stringent EMC legislation and measurements at our current Open Area Test Site (OATS) are becoming increasingly difficult due to rising background electromagnetic emissions. As these worsen, we anticipate that the OATS set up will only be suitable for pre-compliance testing of our power supplies.”

The company says that the new facility will house a semi-anechoic test chamber, measuring 9.3m x 6.3m x 6.3m (LWH), supplied by its sister company TDK RF Solutions.”

“Here our test engineers will perform electromagnetic compatibility measurements in full compliance with EN, CISPR and ANSI standards. This will enable us to fully-certify our products onsite without the need to book external test facilities and to carry out retests without consequent delays associated with availability of sites,” Geoff Wilby continues.

The company expect to save over GBP 180’000 per year as a result of this investment.

“In addition, we will be able to provide a much deeper level of support assisting our customers to gain compliance of their end equipment,” Wilby conclude
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