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Thales Alenia Space in partnership for ISS-program

NanoRacks will pursue International Space Station opportunities in cooperation with Altec and Thales Alenia Space. To pursue these opportunities, NanoRacks will be staffing its first formal European-based office at Altec’s facilities in Turin, Italy.
The companies will together build a directory of end-to-end solutions to lower the barriers for European and Asian customers to access low-Earth orbit. This directory will include a combination of hardware, software, and on-the-ground services.

Bishop, NanoRacks commercial airlock module, will also be considered a part of Altec and Thales Alenia Space’s space product portfolio.

“We are very proud to cooperate with NanoRacks concerning the opportunities linked to the International Space Station” said Walter Cugno, Vice President, Exploration and Science at Thales Alenia Space. “Thales Alenia Space will bring to this program over 40 years of experience in the design and production of high-technology solutions and will continue with NanoRacks to provide these capabilities for future business opportunities in new markets”.

The Italian office will serve as a business development hub for European and Asian customers.

“There is an important market in Europe and Asia,” says NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber. “We’re setting up with our friends at Altec and Thales Alenia Space to grow the relationship of our companies and to remain the leader in commercial space station utilization globally. NanoRacks looks forward to leveraging the expertise of Altec and Thales Alenia Space to continue the exponential growth of the commercial ecosystem in low-Earth orbit.”
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