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Dynex forms semiconductor foundry services business

Dynex Power Inc., a high power semiconductor company, has formed a new Semiconductor Foundry Services business.
This will form part of the portfolio led by Mark Kempton, the company's Business Unit Director for Semiconductor Devices, a press release reads.

Dynex has many years' experience in the design and manufacture of IGBT die and Bipolar wafers, and currently runs a wafer fabrication facility in Lincoln, England. Within the last few months, Dynex has been offering its foundry services to external semiconductor module companies, specifically focusing on IGBT die in the range of 1.2kV to 6.5kV.

The company offers a range of established, proven, Trench Gate and DMOS die that form the basis of Dynex's own IGBT modules. In addition, with its in-house chip design team, Dynex can customise die to specific customer requirements.

Dynex has also received its first production order for high-power IGBT die from an international semiconductor device manufacturer.

"The formation of the Dynex Foundry Services business is a logical expansion of the company's commercial product and service offerings. The receipt of this first external order for high voltage IGBT die builds on decades of high-quality semiconductor fabrication experience at Dynex. The excellent chip performance, confirmed by the customer's own testing, serves to highlight the quality of our design and manufacturing. We expect this business to grow into a substantial part of our operations over the coming years as we expand our customer base,” said Mark Kempton, Business Unit Director – Semiconductor Devices at Dynex.

Clive Vacher, President and CEO, added, "These are exciting times at Dynex. In 2017, we released new, market-leading, high power IGBT modules – including those incorporating the latest-generation Trench Gate technology – as well as the pioneering Press-pack IGBT. At the same time, we have refined our wafer fabrication processes to achieve benchmark levels of quality, reliability and yields. We are pleased now to be offering this technology and process robustness to the wider semiconductor market."
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