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Analog Devices team up with China Mobile IoT

Analog Devices has entered into a strategic relationship with China Mobile IoT (CMIOT), a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.
The companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), communicating their shared commitment to advancing internet-connected applications around the world.

Analog Devices and China Mobile IoT expect to collaborate to develop IoT solutions for customers across industries. Through this cooperation, the companies will work together to enable customer outcomes such as higher efficiencies and safer environments, by combining their capabilities to the entire spectrum of IoT technology, from the sensor level through to the cloud.

“Strengthening our relationship with China Mobile Communications Corp. through this engagement with China Mobile IoT affords us a tremendous opportunity to more deeply understand the needs of our global telecommunications customers with the goal of ultimately creating more effective solutions for a range of industries,” said Vincent Roche, President and CEO, Analog Devices. “We are honored to be able to learn from the company’s deep heritage of innovation, particularly at the holistic systems level, where CMCC leads with unparalleled reach in telecom and cloud network technology.”

Analog Devices and CMIOT will explore advances in internet-enabled technologies. From buildings to transportation, energy systems, environmental quality monitoring, personal healthcare and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, smart – or internet-enabled – systems are becoming an increasingly significant component of daily life. To enable these smart capabilities, Analog Devices converts data into actionable information and develops platform-level solutions that help customers design and deploy intelligent solutions faster and more cost effectively.

“Collaborating with Analog Devices allows us to expand our connectivity capabilities in key markets including industrial ecosystems and applications by incorporating Analog Devices’ decades-long expertise in sensing node and connectivity technology,” said Qiao Hui, general manager, China Mobile IoT. “Through this collaboration, we can better equip our technical staff with the knowledge they need to enable further innovation at the sensor level. The opportunity and benefits this provides both Analog Devices and CMIOT are significant, and we are pleased to launch what we see as a long and productive cooperative relationship.”
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