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Temperature controller/transmitter with dynamic display configuration

West Control Solutions, the global specialist in process and temperature control, has launched the easy-to-install MAXVU Rail – a compact device that addresses simple temperature control requirements in a new behind panel format that can be easily and quickly configured.
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Its control capabilities are accompanied by a transmitter option, where the measured signal is transferred back through an analogue signal or serial communication for data logging/analysis purposes, or to trigger a particular process. This combined controller/transmitter unit is highly optimised for use in a wide range of industrial applications, such as the control of ovens, incubators and chillers; heating in plastics extrusion; and general heat processes (e.g. thermal bonding and hardening).

MAXVU Rail offers considerably faster set-up than rival products, because of its simplified configuration. The short start-up menu applies defaults that users are most likely to require and shows only the vital parameters that need to be set (including sensortypes, outputs, alarms and setpoint values). This means that valuable time is not spent changing settings or scrolling through unnecessary options.

Ian Collins, Product and Marketing Manager, West Control Solutions, commented: “Temperature controllers often have excess functionality that is just not used. As a result we wanted to provide a streamlined solution where customers did not end up paying for things that weren’t required. The MAXVU Rail temperature controller delivers a compelling combination of strong performance, reliability and very fast set-up at an affordable price.”

MAXVU Rail’s ease of use is underlined by its unique human-machine interface (HMI) for set-up and commissioning. While many controllers use 4-digit 7-segment displays, the MAXVU Rail features a versatile organic light-emitting diode (OLED) dot-matrix display (with 64 x 48 pixel resolution). This supports large numbers, text and symbols in order to enable users to quickly recognise and understand menu parameters during configuration. With clear character definition, this high-contrast display is also easy to read even within a dark control panel, in direct sunlight and from a wide range of viewing angles.

For users who do not wish to set-up the controller by employing the device keypad, a PC software option is also supported, with connectivity via a front configuration port or RS485 Modbus RTU communication module (enabling convenient remote monitoring of multiple controllers in large installations). MAXVU Rail’s software programming tool features a set-up wizard to guide users through the most important settings, plus a help panel with active description of each parameter setting and support for different languages.

The MAXVU Rail offers a universal input and up to three outputs, with a choice of either relay or SSR and an isolated digital input is available as standard. The product series also has a FM approved limiter available for assured system protection.
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