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We tore down the Jura Impressa A9

Jura’s new automated coffee maker comes along in a fine shell–we wanted to see if the inner life is as good as its look.

Just imagine arriving at the office half asleep looking forward to a nice latte macchiato doppio and the machine won't grind or brew. Perfect start for the day, right? No escape but to overcome your own fatigue and some obstacles at the beginning to get to the heart of the problem. The inner life of the Impressa A9 is clearly organized and the components are separately repairable. Jura Impressa A9 Teardown highlights:
  • A hidden uncommon oval head screw tries to cloud the way inside, but equipped with the Universal Bit Kit it’s no real threat to get past this little bump.
  • The outer shell itself though is quite a challenge to get off. The questions is: Does this award winning design justify such a complicated opening procedure?
  • Once inside, the logical structure of the machine makes it easy to locate and reach the individual parts for separate replacements.
  • No adhesives or one-way-clips used inside the machine and we get along with just a Torx screwdriver.
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