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USA: Defense & Military heartland

There are quite a number of Defense companies headquartered in North America. Or should one say the USA?

SIPRI's list of the biggest (Top100) arms manufacturers of 2014 has exactly 42 companies headquartered in the USA. That's 54 percent. Furthermore, all companies ranked in the Top 10 are based in the USA and Western Europe. Their combined turnover is 49.6 per cent of the total sales of the Top 100 in 2014, a slight fall from the 50.0 per cent share in 2013.
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1 (1)Lockheed Martin (USA)
2 (2)Boeing (USA)
4 (4)Raytheon (USA)
5 (5)Northrop Grumman (USA)
6 (6)General Dynamics (USA)
8 (8)United Technologies Corp. (USA)
10 (11)L-3 Communications (USA)
S (S)BAE Systems Inc. (USA)
13 (13)Huntington Ingalls Industries (USA)
18 (18)Honeywell International (USA)
S (S)Pratt & Whitney (United TechnologiesCorp. (USA)
22 (21)Booz Allen Hamilton (USA)
S (S)Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. (United Technologies Corp.) (USA)
26 (23)Leidosg (USA)
27 (24)General Electric (USA)
28 (22)Science Applications International Corp. (USA)
29 (33)Harris (USA)
30 (110)AECOM Technology Corp. (USA)
35 (34)Bechtel (USA)
36 (30)CACI International (USA)
40 (57)Alliant Techsystems (USA)
43 (37)Hewlett-Packard (USA)
46 (41)Rockwell Collins (USA)
47 (40)Computer Sciences Corp. (USA)
48 (25)Exelis (USA)
S (43)URS Corp. (AECOM) (USA)
54 (29)Oshkosh Corp. (USA)
55 (47)ManTech International (USA)
57 (44)General Atomicsi (USA)
59 (51)Fluor (USA)
66 (48)DynCorp International (USA)
69 (65)GenCorp (USA)
71 (83)Jacobs Engineering Group (USA)
S (S)Austal USA (Austal Australia) (USA)
76 (70)Triumph Group (USA)
78 (71)Precision Castparts (USA)
88 (89)Moog (USA)
94 (95)MIT (USA)
95 (90)Cubic Corporation (USA)
97 (102)The Aerospace Corp. (USA)
98 (99)Alion Science & Technology (USA)
100 (106)Mitre (USA)
----- Companies are ranked according to the value of their arms sales in 2014. An S denotes a subsidiary company. A dash (–) indicates that the company did not rank among the SIPRI Top 100 for 2013. Company names and structures are listed as they were on 31 Dec.
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