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COG renamed IIOM and expands remit

The launch of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) in January 2015 will take the knowledge-sharing network developed by the Component Obsolescence Group (COG) and extend support for Obsolescence Management (OM) to a wider range of industries and materials.

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Crucially, IIOM will also provide a defined career path and professional qualifications for practitioners of Obsolescence Management. “Obsolescence management has changed significantly since the establishment of the Component Obsolescence Group in 1997,” explains Stuart Kelly, Chairman of COG UK and IIOM. “As a membership-based organisation, COG was created to allow defence and aerospace companies to share knowledge and expertise in managing the in-service obsolescence of electronic components in equipment which typically has an operational lifetime extending out to twenty-five years or more.” “Now, the affects of obsolescence are being experienced by a wider range of industries, and may involve materials and software as well as mechanical, electrical and electronic components. The increased sophistication of Obsolescence Management tools and mitigation practices means that there is a growing need for a professional body to provide the best-practice guidance, training, career development and qualifications for an emerging class of professional obsolescence managers.” In addition to corporate membership, IIOM will introduce tiered membership classes, allowing individuals from any country to progress along a defined career path in OM. The membership classes will range from Student membership, with no competence requirements, up to classes which will require members to prove their competency by completing an IIOM-approved course and passing a final examination. These classes of membership will entitle qualifying individuals to use post-nominal letters: Associate of IIOM (AIIOM): Member of IIOM (MIIOM) and Fellow of IIOM (FIIOM). The creation of this IIOM-approved career development structure has been supported by the University of Maryland in the USA and by the UK’s Cranfield University and Ministry of Defence. To ensure compliance to the highest standards in Obsolescence Management, IIOM will establish an international network of IIOM Endorsed Trainers and Assessors Whilst the trainers will focus on developing the OM skills of individual members, IIOM’s Endorsed Assessors will audit projects and organisations for compliance against the International Obsolescence Management Standard IEC 62402:2007. IIOM’s full remit will be to: • Advance the science and practice of Obsolescence Management (OM) • Identify and promote best-practice and professional competence • Provide a career development path and recognised qualifications for OM practitioners • Generate global awareness and understanding of obsolescence and OM Following the launch of IIOM in January 2015, the Institute plans to be fully operational by April 2016. All existing COG members will have their membership automatically re-assigned to membership of IIOM, which will continue to host member meetings in the UK and Germany. IIOM will also host a biennial International Conference and has confirmed that this will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June 2015.
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