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Data Respons ASA : Improved profitability

Data Respons experienced growth and continued improvement in profit margins in the first half of 2014.
- We are well positioned in our key markets and experience high activity levels in our home markets as well as internationally, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons ASA.

Operating revenue for the second quarter was NOK 208 million (219). EBITDA was NOK 13.6 million (13.3) and EBIT amounted to NOK 12.9 million (12.3). The order intake for the period was NOK 234 million (198). Operating cash flow was NOK 17.2 million (14.8).

Operating revenue for the first half of 2014 was NOK 434 million (413). EBITDA was NOK 26.8 million (24.3) and EBIT was NOK 25.3 million (22.3). The order intake for the period was NOK 434 million (424). The group's order backlog at the end of the quarter was NOK 626 million (619).

13 consecutive quarters with improved profitability

- Data Respons has focused on its core business and become a more cost effective organisation, which has resulted in a long-term trend of improved profitability. The company's long-term strategy to develop a global value chain with a network of suppliers in Asia provides a competitive advantage and great flexibility for our customers. A focus on specialist services in Norway and Sweden provides access to many exciting and innovative projects with satisfactory profitability, in turn contributing to the positive results this quarter, says Ragnvaldsen.

Strong order intake in key markets

- Over the past years, our main goal has been to focus on the company's key markets. The common denominator for our business is to develop and deliver robust computer solutions that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. We are among the leading specialists in the Nordic region for reliable electronics and embedded computer solutions for use in maritime environments, oil services, telecommunications, or in defence. The company secured a strong order intake by winning several significant contracts within these industries in Sweden and Norway.

A good first half

- In the first half of 2014 we enjoyed both revenue growth and improved profitability. Although the market conditions are mixed, signals from most of our global customers indicate improvements going forward. The positive development in the services segment combined with a solid order intake in the products & solutions segment provides a good basis for continued positive development in 2014, concludes Ragnvaldsen.
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