© Business | December 17, 2013

Court rejects patent infringement claim against Atotech

The second instance of the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court confirmed that Atotech’s Stannatech process and equipment were not affected by a competitor’s patent.
The judgment confirmed the first instance’s rejection of a patent claim against Atotech after a competitor took legal action for the alleged infringement of one of its patents.

Atotech’s Stannatech technology is the industry’s leading immersion tin process which offers many fine advantages in performance to our customers. Stannatech® ensures long bath life, saves costs and is environmentally friendlier than other conventional processes available on the market today. It combines perfect bath stability over a long lifetime with unique soldering performance for
multiple soldering even after prolonged storage. For the immersion tin process, Atotech offers process chemistry and horizontal manufacturing equipment as well as auxiliary equipment to further
enhance the performance of the process.

As is customary with such breakthrough products and in order to protect our investment, Atotech applied for patent coverage for the Stannatech process in various industrialized countries of the world, including Taiwan and China.
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