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Android LCD monitor, a new opportunity for brands

According to the latest survey by WitsView, the 2013 LCD monitor market will still be on decline, and several brands have oriented the business strategy to profit-maintaining to reduce shipments of profit-eroding models and develop new products of Blue Ocean.
Among these, Android LCD monitor is seen as a rising star for brands. An Android LCD monitor is a LCD monitor equipped with the ARM processor, featuring the Android operating system, and adjustable to a horizontal angle on top of the touch function and WiFi, which can be regarded as a simple version of AIO or a large-sized tablet.

According to WitsView’s research assistant manager Anita Wang, in view of the functions,

1) as consumers can go on line, e-mail, watch video, and play games with the LCD monitor, it meets consumers’ basic Internet-connecting requirements;
2) most Android LCD monitors have the touch function, facilitating intuitive user experience for all ages;
3) the user experience on an Android LCD monitor is similar to that on a tablet and can be seen as the extension of a tablet, lifting users’ acceptance.

In view of market prices, the Android LCD monitor uses the simple version of ARM processor and the free Android operating system, and its price is lower than that of the AIO using Windows operating system. Taking the 21.5’W for example, the low-priced 21.5’W AIO with the touch function is priced around USD 600, while the Android LCD monitor has the price tag as low as USD 400, which is 30% lower.

From the perspectives of brands, the selling price for a 21.5’W Android LCD monitor is approximately 1.5-2.5 times higher than a LCD monitor of the same size. If the Android LCD monitor can successfully attract consumers’ attention and bolsters significantly sales, it would surly lift brands’ revenue and profit.

In the long run, the conventional PC market is squeezed by smart phones and tablets, dragging down the demands in the LCD monitor market. Hence, LCD monitor makers have to develop new niche products, and Android LCD monitors have chances to be more than an accessory to PC and expand new Blue Ocean market.
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