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Polymicro introduces Capillary Chromatography Tubing

Molex's subsidiary Polymicro Technologies introduces the 1/32” outside diameter (OD) capillary tubing with its proven, durable, polyimide coating.
Available with internal diameters ranging from 50 up to 500 µm, this tubing will be of key interest to scientists advancing sub-1 mm diameter chromatography column technologies.

“Advances in chromatographic analysis have been aided by Polymicro’s proprietary improvements to the unique properties of synthetic fused capillary tubing and continued advances in handling, cutting, cleaving and laser machining,” says Joe Macomber, separation science product manager, Polymicro Technologies. “With this impressive list of characteristics and our commitment to advancing our capillary related capabilities, synthetic fused silica capillary has claimed a unique position in the material sciences arena as an ideal product for an expansive range of applications. It can also be used across a broad range of other applications and markets.”

Polymicro’s line of capillary tubing was design specifically to interface easily to existing 1/32-inch fitting technologies, without the need for polymeric tubing sleeves; this provides additional strength and improved performance in packed capillary liquid chromatography columns, thereby eliminating the need to employ thin-walled gas chromatography tubing as the column substrate.

“This product line is an excellent alternative to the more expensive, difficult to cut, hard polymer, jacketed capillary,” adds Macomber. “The improved fit between the capillary tubing and the mating fitting helps reduce dead volumes, thus minimising unwanted contributions to band broadening.”

The unique properties of fused silica capillary tubing make it a material of choice for many analytical techniques, including gas and liquid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, genomics for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis, proteomics, microfluidics, controlled delivery of gases and fluids, and precision flow cells for cytometry.

The Polymicro portfolio includes synthetic-fused silica, specialty natural quartz and doped fused silica capillary tubing, ranging from thin-walled polyimide-coated flexible-fused silica tubing to thick-walled fused silica or quartz tubes. Polymicro synthetic-fused silica capillary tubing is manufactured across a range of internal diameters from less than 1.0 to over 2000 µm, with standard products ranging from 2 to 700 µm.
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