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Top10: German distributors in 2010

No major changes, but shifts in ranking, have occurred in the Top10 of German Distributors 2010.
Most companies surveyed by Europartners Consultants Deutschland, achieved double-digit sales increases (when compared to 2009),

German Top10 Distributors 2010:

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Recovery of the German electronics and electrical industry has been quite remarkable over the last two and a half years. With the global crisis in 2009 also came the collapse of production of electronic goods in Germany - a downturn of 17%. However, as a surprise to most it recovered almost as quickly in 2010 - with a 14% increase.

The German electronic components market passed through a similar cycle. However, turnover figures for 2010 (compared to 2008) 'only' increased by 6%. Compared to 2009, an increase of a whopping 39% was recorded.

As before, the semiconductor market represents the largest product segment in the DTAM and increased by 12% between 2008 and 2009 (2009/2010 = +50%), followed by electro-mechanics with a decline of 11% (2009/2010 = +24%). Passive components reported an increase of 8% (2009/2010 = 37%).

Source: Europarters Consultancy Deutschland
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