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Sampling of StarChip's SCF136H SIM Controller for Native Applications

StarChip is currently sampling the SCF136H product, its latest SIM controller designed to serve the Native market.
The addition of the SCF136H to its product portfolio makes StarChip a broad range supplier of SIM controllers delivering solutions for the whole Telecom market. Several innovative technologies that will shape the next generation StarChip products have been embedded in the SCF136H to deliver a State of the art solution.

While most products for this segment are based on 8/16 bit architecture, SCF136H is based on Cortus APS3cd 32bit CPU, enabling 10Mips@20MHz across a broad spectrum of temperatures and offers advanced low power modes. Special care has been taken regarding the optimization of the instruction set making the APS3cd perfectly suited for applications highly demanding in terms of code density. Alongside its 136KB of unified flash memory the SCF136H integrates a 3.5KB static RAM. Pre-loaded bootloader can also be delivered with the SCF136H.

The feature set of the SCF136H and its associated unmatched performance allow new possibilities in terms of software development. Not only developers will be able to enhance the efficiency of their applications but they will also be able to add applications and related performance where they were usually limited due to the hardware performance. Indeed as Native requirements have evolved in the past years, the combination of the performance and cost optimization of the SCF136H makes it perfectly suited for this growing market.

“Unveiling the SCF136H is a great satisfaction as it definitively completes our product portfolio and positions StarChip as a global provider addressing all the Telecom segments from Native to USIM Java Card and 4G/LTE”, said Lucien Brau, CEO of StarChip. “This product also embeds new features boosting the overall performance of the software running on the chip. This is particularly important as those innovations will be re-used for our next products. SCF136H can therefore be seen as the link between the current generation and the next one”.


The SCF136H is available now in Sampling in DIL, Card or wafer form.
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