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Kyocera SLC to build 2nd manufacturing facility in Kyoto

Kyocera Corporation's subsidiary, Kyocera SLC Technologies Corporation (KST), expands is operations in Japan with a second manufacturing facility at its Kyoto Ayabe Plant.
Kyocera Corporation's wholly-owned subsidiary in charge of the production of high-density wiring boards for servers and network equipment, Kyocera SLC Technologies Corporation (KST), have broken ground on a second manufacturing facility at its Kyoto Ayabe Plant in order to further expand its business.

With the widespread implementation of LTE networks, there is an increasing demand for smaller, lower profile FC-CSP substrates for use in highly functional smartphones and tablet PCs. In the new Kyoto Ayabe Plant facility, KST will manufacture FC-CSP substrates for which the compound annual growth rate is expected to exceed 30%.

With increased production in the second facility at the Kyoto Ayabe Plant, the Kyocera Group hopes to contribute to economic development and create employment opportunities in the Kyoto area while expanding its business.

Outline of the New Facility

Name: KYOCERA SLC Technologies Corporation - Kyoto Ayabe Plant, Second Facility
Location: Ayabe City, Kyoto Pref. (Japan)
Facility size: Building area: 12'230m2 (steel-framed, two floors, 140Ă—84m)
Floor space: 24'260m2
Construction plan: Completion: December 2013 (planned)
Start of operations: Summer of 2014 (planned)
Operations: Manufacture of FC-CSP (flip-chip chip scale packaging) substrates
Production: Annual production target of 20 billion yen within several years
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