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A World of 3D Sensing at CES

PrimeSense, a 3D sensing solutions company, is showcasing "A World of 3D Sensing" at the 2013 International CES.
“The use of 3D sensing technology is well known in gaming and interactive living rooms,” said Aviad Maizels, President and Founder, PrimeSense. “However, there are other markets, like healthcare, retail, robotics and the interactive digital signage market, which stand to benefit from the introduction of 3D sensing technology. At CES we will demo a handful, out of many unique applications from our partners, enabled by our 3D sensing solution. Often these new use cases significantly enhance and even revolutionize our daily activities and improve our lives”.

Visitors at the PrimeSense’s “World of 3D Sensing” will be able to see and experience applications in use from various markets, including:

Turn any screen in any size in to a Touch Screen

CoVii’s Almost Touch Digital Signage gives current displays the gift of sight. Using the PrimeSense sensor, Covii turns any screen into a Touch or Almost Touch screen in a robust and cost effective way. Almost Touch is used in retail settings, as well as airports, malls and more. It allows a new and innovative user experience and a whole new level of interactivity.

The Future of Retail analytics

ShopPerception uses PrimeSense sensors on stores shelves to analyze shoppers’ behavior in real time.

New online communication solutions

Personify is aiming to revolutionize the way people communicate with video for on-line meetings, video calling, or desktop remote presence. Using the 3D sensor Personify Live extracts a live image of you from your surroundings and puts you right in front of your content, using web conference or web remote presentation apps you use every day. It allows a new and exciting sharing experience. With this new solution companies’ employees will be able to deliver a more effective sales pitch, create effective training easy or convert more leads via a webinar video.

Fast and easy 3D capturing

Matterport is a 3D scanner that allows anyone to create digital models of interior spaces, quickly, easily, and automatically. Matterport’s scanning unit uses two PrimeSense 3D sensors to accurately capture a scene and within minutes provide a full 3D model of the room for virtual walk-through.

Interact with your projector with gestures

Ayotle uses the PrimeSense 3D sensor to turn any projector into an interactive one. Presenters can use gestures control to flip through slides, zoom in and out, and perform other presentation tasks.
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