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Netgear selects Broadcom's HomePlug AV technology

Broadcom's HomePlug AV (HPAV) Powerline Communications (PLC) solution has been selected by Netgear.
Now shipping, Netgear's new line of 200Mbps Powerline Adapters are powered by Broadcom's BCM60321 HPAV PLC system-on-a-chip (SoC).

"Consumers are looking for simple, affordable ways to extend the home network for reliable multimedia streaming to any power outlet throughout the home," said Fred Guiot, Netgear Senior Product Line Manager, Consumer Products. "The Netgear XAV1201, XAV1301, XAV1401, and XAV1601 Powerline Adapters, powered by the BCM60321, deliver performance advancements that make streaming entertainment an exhilarating experience."

Following testing for performance, interoperability, quality and reliability that extends beyond the HPAV certification criteria, NETGEAR has launched the XAV1201, XAV1301, XAV1401, and XAV1601 powerline adapters for both the retail and service provider markets based on the Broadcom BCM60321 SoC solution.

"Through rigorous testing by NETGEAR, Broadcom has again validated its BCM60321 HomePlug AV Powerline Communications SoC as fully interoperable with all Qualcomm HPAV firmware since FW release 3.1, covering all HPAV1.1 devices in the field," said Greg Fischer, Broadcom's Vice President and General Manager, Broadband Carrier Access. "We are committed to delivering fully interoperable, standards-based products that allow our customers to have the price/performance they need to be successful."

HomePlug AV 1.1 is certified and IEEE 1901 compliant for high speed Powerline Communications.


Broadcom is currently shipping the BCM60321 HomePlug AV PLC SoC.
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