Components | June 26, 2012

Fingerprint Cards partners with CrucialTec

Fingerprint Cards has signed an agreement for the new asic and module development CrucialTec.
Fingerprint Cards and CrucialTec have signed another Joint Development & Production Agreement for an enhanced new asic that will target mobile phones as well as numerous other consumer products. FPC will, under the new Agreement, develop the new asic, that will address and target completely virgin segments and markets for FPC.

CrucialTec will integrate the new FPC asic into Crucialtec's new modules, which will be targeted to various customer products like mobile device, digital cameras and remote controller as well and targeting on potential market size that may have several tens of millions units starting early 2013.

This new cooperation is an extension of the already successful cooperation between the two companies. In May 2012, the companies announced a cooperation around Biometric Track Pads (BTP), where FPC’s leading swipe silicon technology has been combined with CrucialTec’s leading experience in development, production and sales of Track Pads to Tier 1 mobile phone manufacturers.

Charles Ahn, CEO of CrucialTec, comments: “We are glad to expand the collaboration with FPC again in this new product category. Since our initial collaboration in Biometric Track Pad solution has begun, two companies have seen, in our partnership, pleasing our customers with valuable product. With this new engagement, both companies will be able to expand feasible market size to a great extent and bring another big milestone in our business history.”

Johan Carlström, CEO of FPC, comments: “We are proud and pleased to announce that we have entered into this second Joint Development and Production Agreement with CrucialTec. This shows that our cooperation regarding the already announced Biometric Track Pad has been very fruitful and is yet another recognition of FPC’s world-leading asic and biometric technology. We are very pleased with the cooperation with CrucialTec and are extremely impressed with how fast they can bring our silicon into customized products for Tier 1 mobile phone manufacturers.”
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