Components | January 06, 2012

Treehouse Labs and NXP cooperate

Treehouse Labs and NXP unveil BiKN technology platform.
The Platform uses low-power wireless chip technology from NXP Semiconductors N.V. to enable the “Internet of Things,” opening entirely new markets and applications for wireless sensor and control networks.

“Imagine being able to build an end-to-end, low-power wireless sensor or control network in weeks rather than months at a fraction of the development cost,” commented John Howard, president and CEO of Treehouse Labs, LLC. “Every company has ‘endpoints’ that they want to talk to or monitor. Using NXP’s low-power wireless technology, our BiKN Technology Platform enables the creation of large, scalable mesh networks. Built on standard protocols, BiKN interoperates through major smartphone OS software platforms, essentially eliminating the need for custom readers. We make the process accessible and easy to accomplish.”

The thesis behind the BiKN Technology Platform is three-fold: Integrate hardware and software; operate through mobile and web-enabled devices; and leverage a patented advantage by using IEEE802.15.4 low-power networking standards enabling rapid creation and scalability of sensor and remote control networks while reducing current development costs.

“The BiKN Technology Platform is a revolutionary solution that demonstrates how ‘smart’ wireless technologies can make the Internet of Things accessible to consumers, developers and commercial enterprises,” said Sean McGrath, general manager, smart home product line, NXP Semiconductors. “We look forward to working with Treehouse Labs as the company works with its growing developer community to unleash innovative applications that significantly change how we interact with the world around us.”

Treehouse Labs uses the NXP JN5148 ultra low-power wireless microcontroller and the JenNet-IP wireless network protocol stack optimized for low-power, low-data rate, and cost-sensitive applications. Using an enhanced 6LoWPAN network layer based on the IEEE 802.15.4 specification, JenNet-IP enables a robust, self-healing network that helps BiKN track, monitor and control up to 500 devices.

JenNet-IP features an elegant and extensible API, DIPL (Device Interface Protocol Layer), which makes product development straightforward for application developers using familiar methodologies. In addition, the NXP JN5148 solution has the ability to support other wireless network protocols, including ZigBee, RF4CE, and other proprietary 802.15.4 protocols.

The BiKN Platform includes customizable apps, web interfaces, gateways, routers, and end-to-end management and security, allowing customers to build low-power wireless sensor networks that connect and control smart objects from a smartphone, iPad, PC and cloud server.
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