Components | October 19, 2011

Melexis achieves MOST compliance for FOTs in SMD package

MOST is the de facto standard for fiber optic infotainment networks in automotive applications. Melexis recently received the declaration of compliance for both its MLX75608 and MLX75605 Fiber optic transceivers.
These fiber optic transceivers (FOTs) are suitable for 25Mbit/s (LVTTL) and 150Mbit/s (LVDS) communication respectively. The double compliance confirms the role of Melexis as innovative driver towards Surface Mount Device (SMD) solutions that will offer increased performance at lower cost.

After testing the two types of fiber optic transceivers (FOTs) the official certification house granted both compliance to the MLX75608 (MOST25: 25Mbit/s, LVTTL protocol) and MLX75605 (MOST150: 150Mbit/s, LVDS protocol). By consequence these devices are added officially to the list of compliant devices, issued by the MOST cooperation.

Fiber optic transceivers (FOTs) are necessary key elements in infotainment networks in cars. FOTs are capable of both receiving and transmitting data that are transported inside the car over plastic optical fibers. In this manner various applications including audio, video and navigation systems can communicate with a central computer unit.
Melexis is the first company to present a single-package solution in Surface Mount Technology for both MOST25 and MOST150 standards. Previously always two devices (transmitter/receiver) in through-hole mount (THM) technology needed to be purchased.

The single-package solution allows a more efficient and hence cheaper fabrication.

Compared to the existing THM FOTs, the SMD FOTs will also drastically reduce the cost of ownership as they can be handled with state-of-the-art automated pick and place equipment and moreover lead free reflow soldering processes can be used. In addition, the SMD package consumes less space on board and significantly improves Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) performance. EMI is a key concern in all cars but especially in hybrid and electrical vehicles. In summary, for both economic and technological reasons, a bright future is awaiting the SMD FOTs. With the twofold declaration of compliance Melexis is taking the lead as the innovative driver in the MOST market.
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