Components | October 11, 2011

Snapdragon S4 Processors: SoC solutions for a New Mobile Age

A New Mobile Age is Here. Today, consumers are able to combine the full benefit of always-on, high-speed internet coupled with highly capable electronics designed to enrich their lives with information and entertainment.
With high speed LTE networks being deployed globally, today’s consumers expect their devices to go anywhere, do everything and run all the latest apps including browsing the web, email, chat and social networking, HD video and interactive gaming.

It’s no longer a world solely driven by megahertz or simply adding more CPU cores to solve the performance hurdles faced by device manufacturers. Ever higher demands for performance and longer battery life on mobile processors are making it more difficult for traditional PC solutions to keep pace with the fully connected future.

A new approach is needed.

To fully meet this challenge, Qualcomm is taking the mobile industry to the next level of processing with the introduction of the Snapdragon S4 class of processors. The Snapdragon S4 class incorporates the latest in mobile architecture design and technology to address the demands for intelligent connectivity, high performance and energy efficiency.

• First on 28nm process technology: Snapdragon S4 processors are the first mobile processors to be manufactured using the latest 28nm process technology that provides inherent advantages in frequency scaling, power consumption and size reduction.

• First Fully Integrated 3G/4G: The S4 class includes the industry’s first fully integrated LTE world mode/multimode modem.

• Uses ARM instruction set, software and eco-system: Snapdragon S4 processors are the first processors in the industry to be designed specifically for advanced process technology and uses the ARM instruction set architecture (ISA).

Snapdragon S4 processors are complete solutions that provide a superior balance of performance and power efficiency delivering

• Superior CPU performance: Multicore CPUs with a frequency range of 1.5Ghz to 2.5Ghz per core and supporting asynchronous symmetric multiprocessing (aSMP) for the optimal balance of performance and power efficiency.

• Superior modem performance: The industry’s first fully integrated LTE world/multimode modem with support for the widest range of frequencies and bands—including full multimode support for existing standards such as EV-DO and HSPA.

• Superior graphics performance: High performance pro- grammable Adreno GPUs for the highest quality video and console quality gaming.

• Superior power efficiency: Tight integration of best in class components and use of highly efficient, low power engines such as Qualcomm’s fully programmable Hexagon DSPs result in a highly power efficient system. Connectivity options also include integrated GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and FM.

With the next generation of Snapdragon S4 processors, consumers will experience the rich benefits of high-speed internet fully integrated into their mobile devices. The Snapdragon S4 processors combine outstanding perfor- mance and battery life with innovative technologies for the new mobile age.

The whitepaper can be found on Qualcomm's website or over this direct link.
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