Components | September 28, 2011

Volume ramp of Bourns' TBU HSP

MagnaChip Semiconductor has ramped to mass production all families of the Bourns series of high-speed circuit protection devices (TBU HSP) designed for a broad selection of Industrial, Consumer and Telecommunication applications.
TBU HSP devices are constructed using MOSFET semiconductor technology. When placed in series in the system, the TBU HSP device monitors the current flowing through the line. If the current exceeds a preset level, the TBU HSP device triggers in less than 1µs, providing an effective barrier to large, destructive voltages or currents during surge events, thereby protecting sensitive electronics.

These devices are particularly popular in Telecommunication applications (such as Voice SLICs, xPON and GBEthernet), Industrial applications (such as RS485 interfaces, surveillance systems and avionics) and Consumer products applications (such as set top boxes and home gateways).

The TBU HSP devices are custom designed and developed using Bourns’ proprietary technology fabricated by MagnaChip. MagnaChip successfully transferred two proprietary processes of Bourns needed to produce the TBU HSP devices by closely working with Bourns’ engineering team. Both processes are currently in the production ramp phase.

TJ Lee, Senior Vice President and General Manager of MagnaChip’s Corporate and SMS Engineering, commented, “We are very pleased to have successfully transferred the Bourns processes to production. We also look forward to supporting their future engineering and manufacturing needs as a partner for our foundry services.”

Arnaud Moser, General Manager of Bourns’ Telecom Segment, added, “We are happy to celebrate this milestone with MagnaChip and look forward to a continued, successful partnership. Thanks to MagnaChip’s engineering expertise and state of the art production facilities, Bourns has been able to bring this innovative technology to a broad array of customers across many markets.”
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