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Infineon’s with High-Power LED Driver ICs

Infineon Technologies extended the family of switch-mode LED drivers for high power LEDs for general lighting applications.
The new ILD series include LED driver ICs with integrated power stage as well as with external MOSFET achieving up to 98% driver efficiency across a wide range of general lighting applications, including MR16 halogen retrofits, residential and commercial luminaires, architectural lighting and street lamps.

In addition to high output current range Infineon’s ILD family provides high flexibility to customers by two different dimming methods, analog and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming. Besides the wide spread over-current protection the ILD drivers offer an over-temperature protection that is tailored to protect the LEDs and the LED driver IC from thermal overstress delivering the maximum possible operating life of the LED lamps and LED fixtures.

“With the new ILD family Infineon can address LEDs for all power ranges including low-, mid-, high- and ultra-high-power LED applications with products that allow cost-effective design with optimal performance,” said Hakan Yilmazer, Segment Head for DC-DC LED drivers for General Lighting at Infineon Technologies. “LED technology is driving a revolution in lighting that fits exactly with Infineon’s vision of how electronics will improve energy efficiency.”

The devices in the ILD series can achieve high cost effectiveness because they have been designed for specific LED currents or applications. As an example, the ILD2035 has been designed for MR16 lamps with 1W LEDs. Another good example is the ILD4001, where the features and protection functions are included into a stand-alone LED controller and an external MOSFET is used as a power stage.

Three devices – ILD4001, ILD4035 and ILD2035 – will be available in SC-74 package with very small form factor and the fourth device – ILD4120 – comes in DSO-8 package with exposed pad.

The ILD family includes wide input voltages, from 4.5 V to 42V for ILD4001 and 4.5V to 40V for ILD4035 and ILD4120 providing the flexibility to be used with most of the standard power supplies. Dimming can be implemented using PWM managed by a microcontroller or alternatively by analog control voltage.

Availability and Pricing

All of the ILD series devices are available today in sample quantities and as demonstration board starter kits, with production ramp starting now. As a pricing example, the ILD4035 device (350mA output, SC-74 package) is USD 0.60 for 10'000 pieces.
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