Components | May 24, 2011

Kingston, A-DATA & Ramaxel lead Top ranking for 2010

2010 worldwide revenue for module houses is up 54% to USD 9.3bn (from USD 6.3bn in 2009), a satisfactory performance from strong demands and climbing DRAM price, reports DRAMeXchange.
Revenue from the Top5 module houses accounts for 78% (Top10 accounts for 91%). Kingston has the most spectacular performance with over 100% revenue growth. Kingston’s market share is up to 51% from 39% in 2010. Following Kingston, A-DATA and Ramaxel tapped No.2 and No.3 with limited market share gap. Under the global competition, regional and small module houses are getting eliminated by large module houses and only big players can survive in the industry.

Kingston sustained its leadership among DRAM module houses in 2010

Kingston can be considered as unchallenged among module houses in 2010. Its revenue not only increased 95% YoY but also reached a level where its revenue is higher than the summed revenue of other market participants ranked from second to twentieth. Besides the precise market view on DRAM price, Kingston enhanced its revenue generator by penetrating into PC-OEM DRAM supply chain.

A-DATA remained 2nd place in the ranking in 2010 with 39% YoY revenue growth. A-DATA followed the same strategy as Kingston on PC-OEM supply chain penetration besides original retail sales.

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