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Samsung's Surround Air Track HW-D550: What is in it?

What do Alpha & Omega, International Rectifier, Infineon or NEC have in common? Exactly! The Samsung Surround Air Track HW-D550 home theatre set-up with a wireless subwoofer.
"Now that we are streaming content around the home and world wirelessly to our fancy new phones and tablets, doesn’t it just make sense to do the same with speakers? There are several clever multi-room Wi-Fi options out there from companies like Bose and Sonos", the guys frim Chipworks asked.

But, the interesting part is not necessary the sound quality or whether or not it might fit the interior of your apartment. Rather the fact who is delivering what to whom. So, Chipworks took out their toolboxes and dissected the Samsung Surround Air Track HW-D550.

Receiver/Speaker combination

Inside the main component, a lot of silicon in three boards was discovered - in addition to the power supply. "We haven’t spent time analyzing the system. However, we can say that these boards contain unused solder points for connectors, nicely labeled pinouts (we never get to see labels in handheld devices where space is at a premium!), and some silicon that just might be overkill for the application."

The wireless audio communication is handled by technology from the SMSC DARR83 digital wireless processor chip and the Airoha wireless networking chip.

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